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So, the best minds tell us there are about 3,000 different varieties of mosquitos – but you probably already knew that from being at your friend’s barbecue last week. There have been many studies to determine why some people are more attractive to mosquitos than others. But the truth is, if you are one of the popular crowd with mosquitos, you do not need a study to tell you that. We do know that they like dark colors more than light – not because they are color-driven, but because they are heat driven and dark colors hold more heat than light. You can blame perfumes or detergents or hair sprays, ultimately only the mosquito knows why they choose the people they do. The bad news is that the mosquito is the most formidable transmitter of disease in the animal kingdom. The most common of which are malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis and yes, the West Nile virus. Since they bite more than once, they transmit the virus from one place to the next. They can even transfer the virus to the eggs they lay to create more havoc.

But we not only take care of mosquitos, we also have products for ticks, chiggers, flies and no-see-ums!

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    Organic Insect Repellent Spray 4 oz Bottle

  • people-mosquito-family-pack-1424386915-jpg

    People Mosquito Family Pack

  • people-mosquito-single-1430244618-jpg

    People Mosquito Single

  • people-outdoor-camo-pack-1424387194-jpg

    People Outdoor Camo Pack

  • people-sport-pack-1424387263-jpg

    People Sport Pack

  • people-tick-family-pack-1424387113-jpg

    People Tick Family Pack

  • people-tick-single-1424387298-jpg

    People Tick Single